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Office & Coffee

More than just Vending - EVS provides an office coffee service solution that provides your office staff with variety and convenience snack and beverage options as well as cafe quality coffee in your break room.

Expert Vending Service is more than vending! We offer coffee and snacks in your office break rooms. With our huge variety of options from national coffee brands, from pots to single-cup coffee brewing machines, we have what you want. We customize solutions specific to your office needs.

We don't just offer coffee and coffee brewers. Our full office coffee service includes delivery of all your break room needs such as an assortment of teas, creamers, sugars, stirrers, paper products, cups, etc. We will also regularly clean and maintain the coffee brewers to ensure uninterrupted delivery of your office coffee every day of the year. Our clients know their breakrooms will be stocked consistently, serviced reliably, and enjoy prompt delivery of products.

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