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 Family-Owned Business

I have lived in Central Alabama for over 30 years, and I truly love everything about it. I have always been very active, and I put a lot of emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle. When attending UAB, I played basketball and had to eat healthy and stay in shape, to be at the top of my game. After college, I spent several years playing basketball in Europe, and later, even had the opportunity to try out for the Lakers!


Unfortunately, an injury prevented me from playing with the Lakers, so I moved back to Birmingham. I really wanted to do something with my life that would help others, so with the support of my wonderful wife, I started my own company, and named it Expert Vending Service.


We are a family-run business that is dedicated to customer service and support. We can help you offer a better variety of snacks, focusing on health and nutrition, as well as everyone’s favorite treats. Let us do the heavy lifting, stocking, and maintenance, and you can sit back, and receive the credit!


At Expert Vending Service, we want to help you!

Snack options provided by Expert Vending Service



Snacking on the go isn’t always easy, but with Expert Vending Service, you can offer your employees, guests, and visitors lots of options! We can create a collection of snacks perfect for every situation.


We have healthy options, popular snacks, cold temp coolers, and more. With no money out of pocket and lots of options for you to choose from, we can help you create the best vending combination for your location!

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